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FAQs on Radon Mitigation

Every day we discuss with people the many issues of radon and what the best solution is. Here are some common questions. Radon Services in Philadelphia

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Is radon a real concern?

Radon is a growing concern of many people throughout the U.S and other countries. More and more people are testing their homes for radon, and if elevated, are taking action to reduce it to improve their environment and home resale

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What other variables are associated with radon risk?

3 common factors associated with radon are; how much radon is in the house, amount of time spent in your home and whether you are a smoker or not.

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Is radon a problem with a solution?

How radon mitigation can be cost- effectively done is well known. All homes can be fixed, although some are more challenging than others and may cost more. But it can be done - often in the course of one day

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My neighbor doesn't have radon, does that mean I'm safe?

Radon levels vary from household to household. It is estimated that 40% of homes in Pennsylvania has radon levels over the EPA recommended

4 pCi/l

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How much does a system cost?

A system can range between $1350 to $2500.

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How does radon enter my home?

Radon can enter through cracks in your foundation, crawl spaces, openings around drains and sump pumps

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